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Sydney Cafe: Workshop Espresso

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Yet another glorious day in Sydney, yet another trip into the city to meet up with a recruiter. Sigh. This seemingly never-ending job search does have a massive upside though: each trip into the city gives me an excuse to try a new place. Hooray!

Yesterday, after my meeting and following some very good advice found on the Time Out website, I headed off to try out the recommended Workshop Espresso. And I’m glad I did. There it was, on the busy George Street, a gorgeous little cafe, full of character, good decor and most importantly good coffee. I sat down inside to enjoy my flat white and felt far removed from the bustling city a few metres away. People stopped for a chat with the baristas and everyone was smiling and friendly. Such a happy place.


So very workshop

It is tiny inside, with the seating space made up of a metal table top and stools on the right hand side, but I think that added to its charm. Most of the floor space is used for making their coffee, as it should be. The decor is lovely, very industrial, in fact, very workshoppy (go figure?!). Stacked coffee cups and bags of coffee line the counters and the usual muffins and small cakes expected at a cafe are served, along with a few sandwiches.


I am glad I stopped by, it was a great Sydney coffee experience. I may not be getting my dream job in this city but I am definitely getting my dream coffee.

Workshop Espresso
500 George Street, Sydney