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Cafe: The Freshwater Club

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It’s a dismal day outside with the kind of weather that makes you want to hide far beneath the duvet. But we’re hungry and my husband has the day off, we feel obliged to make the most of the day. We head out and face the elements making our way to brunch at a local spot (besides, we aren’t trekking too far in this weather, the closer the better).

There is a lovely spot on Lawrence Street called The Freshwater Club, and at 10.30 on a very rainy Friday morning, it’s almost full (this is always a good sign, I don’t like quiet cafes/restaurants – they make me suspicious). The phrase “Shabby Chic” is everywhere these days but I have to use it to describe the decor here and maybe I’ll add Beach to that phrase: Shabby Chic Beach style. I love it. The environment is relaxed, the waiters are friendly and chatty. Then the coffee arrives…


How. Do. They. Do. That?!?! A puppy on my coffee? Incredible! It tasted great too.

We ordered our meals, I had the Brekkie Wrap with bacon, spinach, avo, fried egg, cheddar cheese and green tomato jam. My husband had one of the Breakfast Specials: Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs with Spicy Avocado Salsa on Sourdough Bread. Yummy!! It was hard to decide what to have, there were loads of tempting choices. Perhaps we’ll try them the next time we come here, there most definitely will be a next time.

We then ordered another drink each, a flat white and a Dirty Chai (new experience for me – chai spice with a single shot of espresso, brilliant!). There was more amazement when they arrived:


How do they do that?

Unbelievable. These guys are talented!

The place was fun and we were really tickled by the patterns on the coffees. This may become our local brunch stop. Now, where is that sunshine Australia is famous for? I did not sign up for all this rain!


The Freshwater Club
7B Lawrence Street, Freshwater Village