The Mystery of Mercy Close

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The Mystery of Mercy CloseMarian Keyes is probably my favourite author, if I had to be honest with myself. She is entertaining, witty and just downright HILARIOUS. Her books always have me laughing out loud, in an almost “knee slapping” kind of way. Which generally means a “people staring at me on public transport” kind of way (note to self: do not slap your knee or snort while laughing in public – raises an uncomfortable weirdo alert in others).

Her writing style is just one hundred per cent my sense of humour. Here are a few examples: our hero of the story, Helen Walsh, describes crazy people as madzers (I really want to incorporate that into my daily lingo), keeps a Shovel List (a list of things/people that annoy her A LOT) and categorises her surprise throughout the book. You can read more here about the book from the publisher.

To my surprise (category: pleasant – hahahahaaa!), the Sydney Autumn weather has been incredible and making the most of my last days as a “Lady of Leisure” (this phrase is on MY Shovel List), I actually read a fair few of these pages in my bikini on the beach. It never ceases to amaze me when I have a day off from work (or, more recently, a few MONTHS off from work) how many other people do not seem to have the normal 9 to 5 office jobs. There are some obvious “non-workers” that I can identify: the student (which makes sense), the stay at home Mom (again, makes sense), slightly older possibly retired person (I get those). But who are the other mysterious beach bums and why are they not at work? This is quite honestly quite high up on my list of things that baffle me! Perhaps they are all in the same situation as me, and I just missed a massive opportunity to make new friends. What do you think? Have you ever noticed this? Or do I just need less time on my hands to stop thinking about such trivial things.


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  1. I thought the same thing when I was at the surprisingly crowded beach the other day. Who are all those people!?

    This autumn has been gloriously warm so far, which probably means a turn in the weather is upon us. 😦


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