The Glenmore Hotel

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The Glenmore Hotel
We’ve been lucky enough to already have had a few visitors in our first couple of months in Sydney (a friend from London, my Aunt and Uncle from South Africa and a friend from Melbourne). Although the accommodation for our guest pioneers has been a little basic (a mattress on the floor – we really should assess our spare room situation), we have been so excited to show them around our new city and do some exploring with them.

Recently I took my friend from Melbourne to The Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks. This old Aussie pub was built in 1921 but I’ll have to admit, we didn’t visit for the history. It’s the rooftop bar we were after, which happens to have one of the most stunning views of Sydney and is a perfect location for a sunny afternoon drink. It overlooks Sydney Harbour and also has some great views of the city.

I plan to bring a lot more people back here, the music was great, the vibe was fun and above all, who isn’t a sucker for a great rooftop bar? There’s nothing like having a drink with a beautiful view.

Glenmore Hotel View

The Glenmore Hotel

The Glenmore Hotel
Website: The Glenmore
96 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney


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