The Happiest Refugee

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The Happiest Refugee I have just finished reading The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. Wow, so inspiring! When I read a book like this, it makes me realise how incredible some people are. To get to where they are today when life didn’t exactly deal them a good hand, is truly amazing. This was a lovely book, I found myself giggling in some parts and then having a little tear in others. It’s honest and written straight from the heart, all about love, sacrifice and laughing along the way.

It has made me stop and look at my “problems”. Isn’t it hilarious what we consider “hardships” when there are people out there living in a tin shack or a war zone, people who are starving, children who don’t have parents, homeless people… the list goes on. And I am bothered by a couch taking too long to be delivered? Hmm… First World Problems. It may be taking me a few weeks longer than I expected to find a job, but I am lucky enough to be educated. I have picked up a knee injury that needs surgery, but I have two legs. I am missing my husband while he is away with work this month, but I have someone who loves me. And then I look at the empty space where my couch is supposed to be, and remember I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.

Even closer to my heart is my brother who is currently living in Brazil and works with street kids, take a look at his blog: Sao Paulo. There are people out there who have almost nothing and their lives are much harder than ours. I wonder who complains more?

Today I am going to be grateful for what I do have rather than what I don’t. Thank you to this book for reminding me of how lucky I am. For more details, check out the publisher’s website: Allen & Unwin.


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  1. Venetia Herriott

    Always good to get a little reminder how good we actually have it! I think I’ll be adding The Happiest Refugee to my read list!!


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