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What a weekend we had in Sydney! It’s supposed to be Autumn and we spent the entire weekend sunning ourselves on the beach. It was just the little reminder I needed as to why we made the move to this beautiful city. I suppose I have been getting myself too wrapped up in the admin of finding a job and settling into a new place (our couch has still not been delivered almost 9 weeks later!!!). I think sometimes I just need to: stop. breathe. take a look around. It’s amazing what you see when you open your eyes.

I had a little wander around Surrey Hills today and came across a cafe called Cowbell 808. This place is cool. The walls are covered in posters (reminding me of my bedroom when I was 12!), there is a vinyl collection at the counter, Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was in full swing, boom boxes and roller skates on the wall and I loved loved loved the specials “board”: a roll of brown paper! I had a great “sambo” (Aussie slang is tough to master – I presume this means sandwich?! Also commonly referred to as a “sanger”) and my usual flat white (yet another great cuppa – haha me speaking Aussie). The waitress was really friendly and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Cowbell 808
Cowbell 808

Cowbell 808

Cowbell 808

Cowbell 808
616 Bourke St, Surrey Hills


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  1. Great review- thanks for sharing! I love Surrey Hills. I’ll have to check it out next tome I’m over visiting! MJ x


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