Barefoot Coffee Traders

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Tourist traps. Ugh, I hate them. I want to see all the sights a city has to offer but I just cannot stand the eating establishments that surround them. I want to venture a few roads away and see the places that are the real deal. The places with a bit of character that show you the true colours of the city you are in.

This inspiration came from a friend we visited in New York two years ago. Whatever attraction we went to see that day, she would say to us: if you are hungry or thirsty when you are done, go left down this road, turn right down the next, go straight and then you will find this great spot (something along those lines). So, we did, we headed a few roads away from the attraction, away from all the tourists; and we felt like we got to know New York, rather than just see her sights.

So it is with Manly in Sydney, that Corso, it’s just too touristy for me. But, when you get to the New Brighton Hotel, turn left into Sydney Road and there a whole new world of independent (non-chain!!!) restaurants and cafes await.

Today I visited Barefoot Coffee Traders. Another teeny little coffee shop serving another great cup of coffee. Sydney, you are definitely not disappointing me. There are little tree stump stools so if you do fancy sitting you can, if there is a spare spot. Luckily for me, there was and I stopped to read my new book for a while, sipping my flat white and taking it all in (minus the tourists!).

Barefoot Coffee Traders
18a Whistler Street, Manly


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  1. Make sure to try the waffles with your coffee next time 🙂


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