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So far, I must say that my experience with coffee in Sydney has been good… actually I should rephrase that, it has been incredible! Aussies know how to make a good cuppa, that’s for sure.

One of our favourite discoveries has been Carlos Coffee in Freshwater, which is situated… in a Laundrette?!?! That’s right, coin operated washing machines at the back, tumble driers on the left and a serving window up front, serving some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. I am baffled by the concept yet it seems to work. I have seen loads of locals walking round with the distinguishable brown cardboard cups in hand.


Yes, those are driers in the background!

It’s all very casual with a few benches outside to sit on while you wait for your coffee to be perfected. So far, this has been my favourite flat white in Sydney (big call!) but I promise not to stop here, I will venture forth, looking for an equal or even (dare I believe it?) a SUPERIOR!

In the meantime, I would definitely recommend a visit to Carlos next time you are in the Freshie area. Bring your washing along too.


Just look out for the huge Laundrette sign

Carlos Coffee
69 Albert Street, Freshwater


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